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This issue celebrates Intentions, Ideas, Gardens, and Dreams.

Articles also include:

“The Mindful Mother”

“Womb Yoga”

“Mothers Are Making Art”

“A Holistic Approach to Spelling”

“Planting Seeds of Kindness” and much, much more…

What our readers are saying:

“The Mother Magazine makes me feel included, empowered to be informed by such knowledge in a safe warm environment. Normalising the already normal but unknown.” –  Libby Lee

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“Natural parenting can make us feel isolated and aware of the fact that we’re a bit weird!  Reading The Mother reminds me that I’m not alone and I’ve made the right decisions about my children’s upbringing.  Each issue is a welcome top up for my confidence levels and provides such reassurance and knowledge – while I’m engrossed in the articles I almost feel that my choices and values are not only natural but normal too! ” Thank you for being there.”  – Tamsin Robinson

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“As the ground-shaking undoing and re-making of parenthood ploughed through me “The Mother” inspired and educated my trembling and courageous heart. Thank you always.” – Nicola Coombe

Ashley Meneely