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Massaging Away The Differences

Having been an infant massage instructor for the last 2 ½ years I have been privileged to meet many parents and their babies. I feel touched to witness such an intimate bond and see parents from all walks of life learning this skill to take forward well into their little one’s.

As a parent myself I have attended my fair share of baby groups. In fact, with my first daughter I went to at least 6 a week. They were my salvation but also the place I would compare notes, establish if what my daughter was doing was ‘normal’ and a place to meet other mothers. However, they were also a place where, unwittingly, we would all compare.

Myself included. Asking one another if our babies were rolling/ clapping/ crawling/ smiling/babbling yet. And mostly if they were sleeping. The groups that offered me so much in one way were also a place where I often felt alone if my baby was the only one not doing any of these things. Another thing I noticed as my daughter grew was that there were hundreds of ways people chose to parent, and whilst at first these were discussion points, for example, “oh you don’t breastfeed?” or “you put your baby to bed at 9pm”. They also became judgements. I too was guilty of this. Imaging those who made different decisions to me to be ill informed or plain wrong. Sometimes these different approaches seemed insurmountable and almost like a barrier to friendships.

However, this was a stark contrast to massage classes. In these classes there are of course different approaches. Some mothers co-sleep, whilst others had babies in their own room from 2 months. Some mums breastfed on demand, others fed to a schedule. Some believed that cuddling a baby may spoil them, others felt that you cannot spoil a baby and chose to use baby wearing as a way of constantly having contact. Continue reading Massaging Away The Differences

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Pregnancy Preparedness: Is Natural Childbirth Right For You? Part 1

Pregnancy Preparedness Is Natural Childbirth Right For You

In a society inundated with quick fixes and convenience, it’s no wonder giving birth has become yet another commodity.  Although the act of making a baby can be done hastily, the gestation, however, requires around nine months.  Mother nature agrees with the hare, “Slow and steady wins the race”.  The baby will eventually arrive regardless of what you do, but how you prepare in the preceding months is entirely in your control.

The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth empowers pregnant couples to‘show up’ to their pregnancy and prepare for labour. Preparation entails a fun, far from arduous, 12-week course in which coaches and moms learn what to expect, how to stay healthy and low risk and the effective tools to achieve a natural birth.  Each week highlights a topic of paramount importance in preparing for natural labour.  Week one and two cover exercise and nutrition.  My favourite salient points of these classes are:

1. Do not worry about the amount of weight you gain.

2. Tailor sitting is a Bradley Method® exercise.

Yes, that’s correct, the Bradley Method® not only encourages mothers to throw out the scale, but also deems “sitting” an exercise.

Need I say more?  This is every pregnant woman’s dream. Continue reading Pregnancy Preparedness: Is Natural Childbirth Right For You? Part 1

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Coping with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Naturally

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease sounds pretty scary, but actually it’s a relatively harmless virus which is self-limiting and therefore burns itself out within a week or two. Saying that, it’s incredibly unpleasant and can affect children and adults in varying severities. Treatment is usually rest, as there are no conventional medicines available to control it.

The first sign is a fever or temperature.  This is then followed by a general feeling of being unwell, exhaustion, and finally spots. Lots of spots! The spots look like pimples, and they disappear when pressed with a glass.

We had an outbreak of Hand Foot and Mouth recently. My son caught it before I did. As soon as I saw the spotty rash on his hands I took him to the GP who confirmed Hand Foot and Mouth and sent us home for bed rest with pain relief. Continue reading Coping with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Naturally

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How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation After Birth

A newborn’s first instinct is to feed and sleep in a pattern and quantity that varies from baby to baby. It is impossible to predict how a baby will adjust to life outside the womb and what to expect, as every experience can vary greatly. This means each parent must be flexible and patient during those first few weeks.

I remember laying in my hospital bed following birth, my son swaddled comfortably in the crib next to me, just a few hours old. He slept all the way through the night and I didn’t sleep a wink because I was so eager to ensure his safety and wellbeing. We have evolved to instinctively protect our young and be on guard, which makes relaxing difficult from the offset.

After returning home, he began waking every hour for milk and cuddles, which I was thrilled to give him, but exhausted responding to his regular needs.

During that challenging time, I developed some ‘survival tricks’ in order to keep my energy up and maintain some sanity. Continue reading How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation After Birth

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Homeopathy For More Than Just Teething

As you probably know a baby’s teeth, both the milk teeth and the second set which need to last us a lifetime, all begin developing while our baby is still in the womb. This article is about Homeopathy remedies you can use for teething pain, pain after a visit to the dentist, the discomfort/pain each time braces are adjusted and enamel repair.

Chamomilla and teething babies. Many of you will have already experienced a teething baby and you may have tried the Homeopathic remedy Chamomilla. This remedy best suits the baby whose teething symptoms include: angry screaming often worse mornings and evenings around 9 o’clock; one cheek an angry red the other pale; nappies may be filled with a looser and greenish tinged poo; and most importantly a baby needing Chamomilla is difficult to please, contrary is the term we homeopaths use. You will observe your baby wants to be picked up, carried or rocked quite vigorously and then wants to be put down, wants a drink, then refuses it-I am sure you get the picture! If the teething granules do not work, yet your baby has these symptoms, ask a homeopath for Chamomilla  30c or 200c. If this remedy is the right one for your baby, the results will be seen within seconds! If not, ask the homeopath for a different remedy. In homeopathy there is no “pill for an ill”, remedies need to be suitable for the individuality of symptoms. Continue reading Homeopathy For More Than Just Teething

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