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Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The time of the Spring Equinox (20th March this year)  means and marks many things for us but primarily it is about a time of balance, a brief time of equal dark and light, and Spring really showing her face.

We keep a nature/season table in our front room. It has little things on it that signify the time of year, items crafted over the last few years, things found on walks in the woods or on the beach. There are also some beautiful gifted items from craft swaps we have been involved in. We also have season cards depicting the seasonal festivals which are beautifully painted by an artist called Wendy Andrew.  Having the table as a focus keeps us connected with the time of year and grounds us.

For Spring Equinox we have the Eostre card, a crocheted bowl for bits and bobs, a wooden chick balanced on a mushroom (I know they aren’t spring like but they seem to have become a year round feature!), a green piece of felt underneath to signify the re-greening of the land. Some needle felted root babies, felted eggs, a found birds nest from a couple of years ago, and some felt blossom fairies. The resident gnome changes from white to green and there is a wild and wonderful collection of other ‘stuff’ the boys pick up (including the odd lego figure!).

Ritually we have an egg hunt to mark the season of fertility.  I hide the eggs about the place and then the children go off with little baskets and bags hunting for them. They know how many we start off with so they occasionally come back for clues if they are missing a few.  We have also learned not to let the chickens out before the hunt has completed as they are partial to joining in and stealing the eggs!

Planting seeds is another activity perfect for this time of year. Beans or tomato plants are perfect. As well as planting ones in seed trays try the bean seed and kitchen roll (paper towel) in a jam jar. Young children can be endlessly fascinated by watching the roots and stalk grow out of the same bean.

Eggs of the non chocolate variety feature heavily, either in foodstuffs or again making decorations. You can do all sorts of techniques dip dying, wax resist, using paint, food colouring or natural plant material to give colour. The only limit is your imagination. Display the eggs, offer them to the Goddess of spring, or make a decorative mobile.

Another project perfect for this time of year is an outside altar which can easily be constructed using a large flat piece of wood or slate, a place for quiet contemplation and a place to leave offerings for the fae or your Gods and Goddesses. I have a tea light (fire) on mine with a feather (air), sea water in a sea shell (water) and a bird skull (ancestors of the land) with the actual altar space made with 4 local stones (earth) from the field to create a cave shape, echoing the ancient Quoits in my local landscape.

What will you do this Spring Equinox?

Suggested Books:

Celebrating The Great Mother by Johnson and Shaw,

Circle Round by Starhawk, Baker and Hill.

©photo by Imkemper is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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