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Hope in the Heartache, Light in the Darkness

Welcome To the The Mother magazine’s Blog Carnival: “Friendship and Connection” The Mother magazine is a holistic, natural mothering publication. It is with great pleasure that we share this topic with such a talented group of bloggers. You will find links to the each of the other posts at the end of this one. We hope you enjoy them!




In the dark hours you sit.

A child heats your lap with a fever that rages fire. Your chest heaves, holding an unimaginable weariness like a weight pinning you to the floor. Tears threaten at your lashes. In this moment you want to cry out; for help, for understanding, or just to hear the sound of a voice to bring you into reality – to remind you that it is just the darkness, the worry, and the exhaustion that makes this night seem so long and so lonely.

Daylight comes, as it always does, and you drag yourself into your group. Mothers, with their little ones, greet you with fresh smiles, embraces, knowing glances.

yes, coffee please, something much stronger than tea…

Compassion and laughter appear out of thin air and someone hands you cake and a hug.

up all night with a fever…

No one judges you for your rumpled clothes or your clean, un-made-up face. Just words of friendship and knowing – there is another mother who is the same – you lock eyes, your faces soften.

This circle, these women, they lift you up. They nurture you. You have this in common: strength, love, understanding… and you draw on each other in a cycle that makes each of you stronger.

Mothers need each other. These moments, these hours, these years of our mothering journey lay open our hearts to a deep expanse of growth and transition, and as we reach out for each other across these spaces, we blossom.

Our friendships and connections form foundations. They give us hope in the heartache and light in the darkness.



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 Starr Meneely is the owner and editor of The Mother Magazine and the author of the children’s picture book “What A Lovely Sound!” (illustrated by Susan Merrick). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Alaska where she studied under Dr. Timothy Smith. She is excited to be working on a project to help Mothers connect with other like-minded mothers. Visit the Indiegogo page to learn more MOTHERS CONNECT

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Hope in the Heartache, Light in the Darkness

“A child heats your lap with a fever that rages fire. Your chest heaves, holding an unimaginable weariness like a weight pinning you to the floor. Tears threaten at your lashes. In this moment you want to cry out; for help, for understanding…”

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The Mama Club

“The internal battle between the nurturing unconditional Mama and the pregnant woman who watches pandemonium unfold from outside of her own body is already raging at this early morning hour. I can feel myself unraveling. I know I am going to yell. I know I have to contain myself. Pull it together. Breathe. Get the Coffee in the Cup. Try to Connect.”
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The Dream Friendship

“For me a true friendship is built on honesty, love, trust and belief in each other.  When you have a friend with this kind of connection life is so much easier, especially the journey of motherhood.”

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Twins and Friendship

“After I had my twins and the weeks turned into months I began to feel afraid the words may ring true. I began to feel estranged from my old self, as if she had died but I had just then realized it. I felt as if I were imprisoned in my own home…”

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The Red Thread

“I feel blessed by the integrity of those women who I call friends, and am deeply thankful for the bonds that knit our lives together, even when we’re separated by long distances and busy lives. We connect at a heart level.”

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On Kindred Spirits

“At times, I envy the ease with which my toddler makes friends. When we are at the park, now that we’re (mostly) past the how-dare-you-play-on-MY-slide phase, making friends is generally as simple as “I’m small; you’re small; let’s play!”  And off Bug goes with whatever other little kid happens to be there that day, while I look on wistfully.”

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Where Moms Make Friends in the Digital Age

“Before the Internet, moms met each other at Mothers’ Centers, when they dropped off and picked up their kids from nursery school, at child birth classes, in their neighborhood where moms used to knock on each others’ doors for tea and a chat, and at work”

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Ashley Meneely

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