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Issue 60– September / October 2013

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In This Issue of The Mother Magazine

Editorial: Is The Mother Magazine Sustainable? by Kathryn Los
Choose Your Birth Place Wisely by Kathryn Los
A Letter to My Midwife by Clare Cole
A Parent’s Guide to Tetanus by Robert Schecter
Yoga and Modern Family Life by Clare Cooper
My Barefoot Pregnancy by Jelena Bozac
The Art of Henna Belly by Ana Warren
What Age Should Children Start School? by Dr. Richard House
CEASE Therapy for Autism and Modern Diseases by Ellen Lanham Dart
Holistic Marriage: Keys to Intimacy by Veronika Sophia Robinson
Montessori At Home by Kim Fazackerly-Sale
Saying Sorry to Your Children by Keean Manktelow

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Ashley Meneely

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