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Looking for Happiness

Modern life can be its own worst enemy. It’s easy to allow the pressures to consume us. Budget cuts, rising prices, growing children, changing relationships. So much of the world is borderline depressed. Focusing on the hardships, the unfairness, the cruelty can be simply overwhelming.

It robs us of our joy.

But choosing to focus on even the one moment of goodness in every day can turn our whole outlook around. All over the world projects have popped up to try to encourage people to focus on their inner joy.

We want to encourage mothers to find happiness, in a tangible way, for just a moment a day. We will do this together for 21 days – the perfect amount of days to form a habit of happiness.


How you do this is up to you.

You can print out our list of prompts below or find them fresh on Facebook every morning.

You can write them down in a journal and write down whatever comes to mind, or create a happiness jar, filled with a post it note a day.

Or take a picture and share it in your local Mother’s group, or share it on our Facebook page. Or use #Motherhappy21days and we’ll find you on Instagram and Twitter.

However you choose to find your happy, on your own, or as a family, make sure you give yourself these five minutes a day. We’d love to have you join us!

Click on the image to download and print: 


Luschka vanOnselen

Luschka is a WAHM with two little girls. She lives on the Isle of Wight off the South Coast of England. Luschka spends her days home educating her children and her evenings working as a writer and social media manager to support the family. Luschka never imagined herself as a parent, much less one that would give up a career to be a mother, but since being one, has come to believe passionately in the power of womanhood, motherhood and sisterhood.

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