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Mothering and Intuition

“Listen to yourself – you know best”

Mothers are flooded with ‘advice’. The moment we announce a pregnancy we become a recipient of unsolicited wisdom.  This advice comes from strangers, family, neighbours, and passionate friends who are more than happy to click ‘share’ on dozens and dozens of parenting articles. Sadly, both for the giver and the receiver, this advice is often unhelpful, conflicting, and discouraging.

Once in a while –  in the midst of the information overload – a voice will ring out above it all gently saying: follow your intuition.

This is the most important idea we can take into our mothering journey. Mothering and Intuition is the theme we have taken for our latest issue of The Mother magazine. Mothering-Intuition, the words are almost synonymous and we have come together with some of the most influential writers and professionals today to explore this topic.


Inside this Issue:

“Even if we don’t consciously seek out our intuition, it will influence our behaviour. Even if we have no knowledge of it, it is still there.” – Laura Schuerwegan from Authentic Parenting.


“Keep in mind that when friends or family make suggestions about your baby’s sleep they could be wrong.  People often base their opinions on hearsay, or they are basing their advice on vague memories from years ago” – Elizabeth Pantley author of  The No Cry Sleep Solution. 


“We should emphasise that the newborn baby ideally needs a mother who is in a specific physiological state just after giving birth, before hormones such as oxytocin, prolactin, endorphins, vasopressin and so on are eliminated.” – Dr. Michel Odent author of Do We Need Midwives.


“As humans we have favoured the mind and its interpretation of our experience over the simplicity of experience itself which has led to a slow decline in our sensory and intuitive capacities.” – Lucinda Warner from Whispering Earth.


“Children should play, jump, talk, make noise, read, paint and feel- this is their childhood- a time to dream, dance and laugh on a whim, when the sun shining on a dusty path can bring pebbles to life.” – Camilla Rutherford from The English Mother.


“Perhaps the most difficult aspect of trusting yourself as a parent is knowing to recognize your inner guidance. Some inner voices are your true being guiding you, others are fears, habits and often, a need for approval and its related anxiety.” – Naomi Aldort author of  Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves.

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