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Parenting Peacefully In Tough Times

peaceful parenting in tough times

Life at the moment feels as if is going at a pace, racing ahead and away from me. Smoothing over the up and downs in friendships, keeping up with the demands which school and work bring, wanting to pull everyone just that little bit closer.

It has got me thinking about just stepping back and reflecting on how I can make this parenting journey that I am on a peaceful one. I made a conscious decision many moons ago to parent without confrontation, without argument and without being authoritarian. Sometimes, when life gets fraught and we lose our way with it all, it is good to remind ourselves why we choose to parent peacefully.

Recognising that our role as parents is to hold that place of safety round our children.

Understanding that little things are big things, huge things even, to little people.

Developing positive attachment and affectionate bonds.

Because it is catching! And has an impact on how we all work through. Continue reading Parenting Peacefully In Tough Times

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