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Homeopathy For More Than Just Teething

As you probably know a baby’s teeth, both the milk teeth and the second set which need to last us a lifetime, all begin developing while our baby is still in the womb. This article is about Homeopathy remedies you can use for teething pain, pain after a visit to the dentist, the discomfort/pain each time braces are adjusted and enamel repair.

Chamomilla and teething babies. Many of you will have already experienced a teething baby and you may have tried the Homeopathic remedy Chamomilla. This remedy best suits the baby whose teething symptoms include: angry screaming often worse mornings and evenings around 9 o’clock; one cheek an angry red the other pale; nappies may be filled with a looser and greenish tinged poo; and most importantly a baby needing Chamomilla is difficult to please, contrary is the term we homeopaths use. You will observe your baby wants to be picked up, carried or rocked quite vigorously and then wants to be put down, wants a drink, then refuses it-I am sure you get the picture! If the teething granules do not work, yet your baby has these symptoms, ask a homeopath for Chamomilla  30c or 200c. If this remedy is the right one for your baby, the results will be seen within seconds! If not, ask the homeopath for a different remedy. In homeopathy there is no “pill for an ill”, remedies need to be suitable for the individuality of symptoms. Continue reading Homeopathy For More Than Just Teething

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